Outdoor team building events

Why are team building events important? 

Schools, businesses and other organisations often hold team building events to improve the relationships within their team. Outdoor team building events will help your team increase their productivity and effectiveness, thus increasing their success. In such events teams are encouraged to work together to achieve a common goal, which, besides being entertaining to them, is going to reflect in the workplace. Therefore, team building events are important of keeping your team on top of their game!

How to plan an outdoor team building event

Outdoor team building events are fun and entertaining as well as beneficial. Planning one, however, might not be that easy. Once you decide to host an outdoor team building event, here are things you need to consider in order to make it successful.

#1 Budget and location

As with planning any event, the budget and location are the things you start from. Since what you’re planning is an outdoor team building event, you will need a location that is suitable for the contents of your event, such as team building exercises and games. While the location has to be suitable in that aspect, it also has to fit the budget and meet the safety criteria.

#2 Schedule your event properly

Since the event is designed to improve the productivity of your team, it is going to be beneficial primarily to your business. Therefore, you don’t want to interfere with your employees’ personal life and take their free time away. They will be more motivated to participate in the event if it is scheduled during the work hours. That is just like giving them a day off, except that they will still be working on something business related.

#3 Make it unique

Your team building event should be entertaining for the participants, as that will increase the bondage among the team mates and help them work together more efficiently. Since your event is outdoors, you have plenty of options for games and challenges to encourage to team up!

#4 Equality

Make all your employees feel equal, no matter their position at work. In fact, try to choose games suitable for both male and female participants, so that you don’t have to split them up into different groups. The key to making this event successful is finding a way for everyone to work together.

#5 Encourage them to get along

Every team has a few people who just can’t stand each other. The purpose of a team building event is to make them realize they have to put aside their differences and work together when it’s time to do so. If they don’t get along well on a personal level, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get along at work, as that is not very professional.

#6 Get feedback

Once your event is over, ask your employees to give you feedback after a few days. Make sure the feedback is anonymous because that is the only way you will get honest opinions. Try to consider their opinions for the next time you plan an event to make it even more successful. https://www.zingevents.co.uk are on hand should you need any assistance.

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Indoor team building events

An indoor team building event is more limited than an outdoor one. However, that doesn’t mean it wont be fun! Planning a team building event every now and then can significantly improve how the team functions, increase their productivity and teamwork skills. Whether you are a high school football coach or a business owner, giving your team time to complete team building exercises will be beneficial both to you and the teammates. Therefore, here are a few tips for planning an indoor team building event!

#1 Make it fun

Yes, a team building event is all about teamwork and improvement but in order to get the most out of it, it should be entertaining. Don’t make your team building event into a competition, since that will only do the opposite of bonding and create tension among the participants. At the end of the day, a team building event should boost teamwork, not competitiveness.

#2 Consider team’s suggestions

Organizing an indoor team building event will leave you limited in terms of games and challenges. Therefore, ask your employees or teammates for suggestions on what they would find interesting and entertaining at the event. Make sure you include at least some of their suggestions in the contents of the event.

#3 Location

Most indoor team building events are done in the conference rooms or the school’s gym. Getting the participants outside the area you usually work in will get you better results in the end. Changing a setting can positively affect their mood and attitude towards the event, which will result in better teamwork in general.

#4 Problem solving

Always reserve one portion of the event for problem solving. Talking about the problems that occur at the workplace and how to fix them can be very effective. However, to avoid raising tension among the participants, get them to anonymously write one positive and one negative thing about their experience at work. Then, put all papers together and go through them one by one. That way, no one will feel attacked for anything and there wont be negative feelings among coworkers.

#5 Host fun games

Besides activities that directly tackle the issues and ways things can be improved, an indoor team building event should contain fun and entertaining games as well. Those games should not be too competitive and they should encourage teamwork. Instead of splitting the team into two groups to work against each other, give them all a common goal and a time frame in which they should achieve it to win the game. That way, everyone will be working together, which is the point of these events.

#6 Create friendship

Last but not least, make sure the participants don’t feel like they are at work. Make them feel as if they were on a relaxing retreat with friends and encourage them to start conversations about things other than work. With friendships and personal bonds growing, the teamwork and the overall situation at the workplace will most definitely improve.

With these six tips you will be able to host an effective indoor team building event that will boost the teamwork and improve the overall success rate in your business! Zing Events is an event company in London offering a new era of team building activities and staff events that combine fun with learning.

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Event catering

Catering is one of the most important aspects when planning Corporate Team Building Events, because it can make or break the situation. Food is mandatory for any event but if you want to make it a success, you should pay attention to the catering service you choose. One cannot just find a service online and hire them hoping for good results. There is much more to planning event catering if you want it to not be a disaster. Here are things you should consider when choosing a catering service to hire!

#1 Reputation

When narrowing down the list of possible options, always consider the reputation of a service. If their previous customers weren’t satisfied, chances are you wont be either. Therefore, avoid services with bad reputation at all costs.

#2 Budget

Before you dive into the list and call every single caterer on it, think about your budget. List the prices of all services on your list and cross out those that go over your budget. Hiring a company such as

#3 Responsiveness

Once you have a few options with a good reputation and a reasonable price left on the list, test their responsiveness. A good catering service should be able to respond to your calls and emails quickly. During the meeting, they should be interested in you and your event, asking questions relevant to the service you need. If they aren’t interested during the meeting, they probably wont perform well at the event.

#4 Ability to meet your requirements

As an event planner, you might have special requirements regarding the catering service. That is when flexibility in menus comes in handy. Services that only offer standard menus probably wont be able to suit your needs. Therefore, look for those that can tweak the menu according to your desires. Also, it is important to choose a catering service that is experienced in catering for your type of event. Look through their work history to find whether they are a good fit or not.

#5 Food samples

A good catering service will offer you food tasting before the event. Don’t skip this step, thinking it is too much of a hassle for the caterer. It is their job to provide you food tasting and if they don’t,they aren’t reliable for your event. Besides, testing the food they are going to serve is the only way you can know whether you will be satisfied with their service or not. It is recommended to taste foods at several different catering services to be able to find the best one.

#6 Contract

The contract between you and the catering service should be very detailed, with every single meal they are going to serve on the list. That way, you will be protected from bad service and they will be protected from not getting paid. A contract should contain a cancellation plan, in case things go badly. A good catering service will offer insurance as well.

#7 Experience

Last but not least, choose a catering service that has been in business for a while and has experienced chefs and staff. Otherwise, you cannot be sure whether you will be getting quality at all. https://www.zingevents.co.uk have fantastic and unbeatable experience within the events industry.

The food that is served at your event should not only taste good but look good as well. With these few tips, you will be able to choose the right catering service easily!

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