Indoor team building events

An indoor team building event is more limited than an outdoor one. However, that doesn’t mean it wont be fun! Planning a team building event every now and then can significantly improve how the team functions, increase their productivity and teamwork skills. Whether you are a high school football coach or a business owner, giving your team time to complete team building exercises will be beneficial both to you and the teammates. Therefore, here are a few tips for planning an indoor team building event!

#1 Make it fun

Yes, a team building event is all about teamwork and improvement but in order to get the most out of it, it should be entertaining. Don’t make your team building event into a competition, since that will only do the opposite of bonding and create tension among the participants. At the end of the day, a team building event should boost teamwork, not competitiveness.

#2 Consider team’s suggestions

Organizing an indoor team building event will leave you limited in terms of games and challenges. Therefore, ask your employees or teammates for suggestions on what they would find interesting and entertaining at the event. Make sure you include at least some of their suggestions in the contents of the event.

#3 Location

Most indoor team building events are done in the conference rooms or the school’s gym. Getting the participants outside the area you usually work in will get you better results in the end. Changing a setting can positively affect their mood and attitude towards the event, which will result in better teamwork in general.

#4 Problem solving

Always reserve one portion of the event for problem solving. Talking about the problems that occur at the workplace and how to fix them can be very effective. However, to avoid raising tension among the participants, get them to anonymously write one positive and one negative thing about their experience at work. Then, put all papers together and go through them one by one. That way, no one will feel attacked for anything and there wont be negative feelings among coworkers.

#5 Host fun games

Besides activities that directly tackle the issues and ways things can be improved, an indoor team building event should contain fun and entertaining games as well. Those games should not be too competitive and they should encourage teamwork. Instead of splitting the team into two groups to work against each other, give them all a common goal and a time frame in which they should achieve it to win the game. That way, everyone will be working together, which is the point of these events.

#6 Create friendship

Last but not least, make sure the participants don’t feel like they are at work. Make them feel as if they were on a relaxing retreat with friends and encourage them to start conversations about things other than work. With friendships and personal bonds growing, the teamwork and the overall situation at the workplace will most definitely improve.

With these six tips you will be able to host an effective indoor team building event that will boost the teamwork and improve the overall success rate in your business!

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